The Bike

My bike is a 1991 Yamaha XT600Z Tenere (3AJ).

I’m the tenth owner and I bought it about 6 years ago from a bloke in Stroud for £900.  Its spent most of the time in either mine or my dad’s garage, with me never quite getting around to doing anything with it. I was going to the spend the summer fixing it up for the journey with my dad so that I’d know the bike like the back of my hand, but I ended up working the summer so I passed it over to XT600 maestro David Lambeth who rebuilt the engine, uprated the gearbox (3AJs are known for breaking 5th gear), fitted an uprated rear shock and generally made sure that its in as good health as it can be for such a journey.

David Lambeth and Morris

My dad welded a plate onto the side stand so it wont fall over on soft ground.


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