Support A Good Cause

I’d like to use my travels and this blog to generate some publicity for a very good cause, The Heswall Disabled Childrens Holiday Fund. This small charity, run by volunteers, offers a week’s camp in August, free of charge, for approximately 30 disabled boys aged between 8 and 15. The week’s program includes theme parks, swimming, cinema, sports day and entertainment. The charity aims to raise £25,000 a year to fund the summer camp and to provide sponsorship for disabled children of both sexes for which the camp is not suitable. Volunteers are always needed to help raise money and in the running of the camp. Currently most of the volunteers are from the south of England and many people travel up to help with the camp every year, but the charity could greatly use some support from the north west (Woolly Backs, Scousers  and Mancs get involved!). You can donate to the charity through my donate or find out how to get involved through the charity’s website


3 thoughts on “Support A Good Cause

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Just heard about your fundraiser ride. I did an overland self drive trip in 1972-73 to Cape Town, discovered paradise at the foot of Africa and I’m still here ! well that’s the short version of the story !
    When you get here give us a call and we’ll see what we can do about some complimentary accommodation.

    Good Luck !
    Kind Regards
    Barry and Mina Thomas
    Jambo Guest House
    AA Quality Assured Superior Accommodation
    WINNER 2000,2001 & 2002 AA Travel Guides Accommodation Awards
    AA Travel Guides Hall of Fame 2003/4/5/6/7 & 8
    5 Star Guest House

    1 Grove Road,
    Green Point,
    Cape Town, 8005,
    South Africa.
    Tel. +27 21 4394219
    Fax +27 21 4340672

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the Christmas wishes. Reading through your blog it seems as though nothing much has changed in Africa since I drove through almost 40 years ago !
    Keep it up !

    See you in Cape Town

    Kind regards
    Barry and Mina
    Jambo Guest House
    Cape Town

    “If you only visit two continents in your lifetime visit Africa………twice !

  3. Hello Andrew,
    I’m a committee member and one of the volunteer helpers for HDCHF and I just wanted to say thanks again for your amazing adventure for us – we haven’t forgotten you! This year’s camp is just two weeks away and we have some great activities planned for the 30 boys we’ll be looking after – our theme is Pirates this year. I’m creating a visual display to show the parents as they arrive of all the fundraising activity that has been happening and I’ll make sure you feature. As I write, another helper has just literally finished cycling the 973 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats! Not a patch on the miles you’ve covered though! Keep going – we really appreciate it!

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