My plan is to ride around the world, starting and finishing at my parent’s house in Widnes.

Firstly I’ll be riding down through Africa. Starting at Morocco and then passing through the western countries down to Cape Town. I’ll pass through; Mauritania, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Angola, not sure about the DRC, I’ll see what riders coming the other way are saying, Namibia, Angola, South Africa. To be honest , I haven’t really thought it through (as you may guess by the way that I haven’t listed the countries in geographical order, plus probably missed some out), but I’ve been reading the stories and info of others on the net and it seems to a popular route for so I’m bound to meet other overlanders and I can sort all the paperwork on the way. One thing I am sure of though, is that I am going to be looking at the whole journey in a completely different light after I get to Cape Town.

Then, after I’ve figured a way to get to Buenos Aires from Cape Town I’lll be riding around South America for up to a year with no particular agenda other than to see it all and practice Spanish.  I don’t really have a plan as yet but I am conscious of timing my journey north so that I avoid the Alaskan/Siberian winter that would otherwise make the beginning of the trip across Asia impossible.

After the Americas, the journey home through Asia is so far into the future (possibly 2013!) that I really haven’t thought much about it other than where I’d like to go. Russia, China, Central Asia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Turkey. We’ll see where my wanderlust takes me!

For those of you who don’t know me (who put you onto this blog? was it my mum?). I’m 33, from Widnes (near Liverpool), and I’ve been living in Bristol for the last nine years, studying and working as a sort of engineer. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m mad about motorbikes and I’ve been talking about doing a trip like this for years. I knew that I’d do some sort of journey on my bike when the contract on my last job came to an end. I never thought I’d be doing an around the world trip, but the more I thought about it, since I have the opportunity to do so, it’s the only way to go.



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  1. HI ,Andrew sounds from your blog that that u got off on a right shit start, but as u say its all good or bad experience its been realy interesting reading your blog ,lets hope things will only get better from now on, takecare mate and bloody good luck to you.
    roy&jackie harvey.

    • Hi Roy. I probably didn’t mention the good bits as much as I should have but believe me, I am having a good time! I’m getting excited about Morocco now and I should be there within a weeks time. I’ll keep you posted on all the events. Th

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Just heard about your fundraiser ride. I did an overland self drive trip in 1972-73 from Bristol to Cape Town, discovered paradise at the foot of Africa and I’m still here ! well that’s the short version of the story !
    When you get here give us a call and we’ll see what we can do about some complimentary accommodation.

    Good Luck !
    Kind Regards
    Barry and Mina Thomas
    Jambo Guest House
    AA Quality Assured Superior Accommodation
    WINNER 2000,2001 & 2002 AA Travel Guides Accommodation Awards
    AA Travel Guides Hall of Fame 2003/4/5/6/7 & 8
    5 Star Guest House

    1 Grove Road,
    Green Point,
    Cape Town, 8005,
    South Africa.
    Tel. +27 21 4394219
    Fax +27 21 4340672
    Website http://www.jambo.co.za
    E-mail jamb@iafrica.com

  3. Hi Andy.I hope the Thai food served by a New Yorker in a Spanish Finca next to a British overseas territory was enjoyable.Good luck with the rest of your trip and remember not everyone is as nice as you!! Cheers,John

  4. man even it seems we fell off, I wish you all the best for your trip, I think you are doing an amazing trip, good luck

  5. Hey Andrew!
    I’m wicked jealous! You’ll have a real blast and I wish you the best of luck! I tandem bicycled to Budapest from Cardiff in 2007, and I now have this two-wheel world touring bug too. Carpe diem!
    Jon, Cornwall.

  6. Hi, Andy,
    I’m so happy that you’ve got your VISA for Gabon, and has enjoyed the trip to Lope and Mayumba. It’s so exciting to see that the same ferry who helped me during past few years had helped you to cross the lagune!
    Any way, i regretted that i didn’t get a photo with you at the restaurant in Yaounde, i’ll need one later while you’ll be in China!
    Take care!

  7. Hey Andrew, Auntie Pat and cousin Carol reading your blog with interest…..wishing you lots of luck with your journey, pop in for a cuppa on your way to Widnes haha xx

  8. Hi Andy, Sue here, one of the volunteer helpers for HDCHF and therefore a good friend of Andy C’s! Just wanted to say we are right behind you and so grateful for what you are doing to raise funds for the charity. We had an awesome camp this year with 29 kids and you are helping to make sure we can do the same in 2013! We’ll do what we can to rustle up some more support for you – keep going!

  9. Hi Andy,

    It was great to meet you the other day, even if it was very brief and at a border crossing (Nicaragua). Me and Owen love to blog and look forward to meeting up with some of your friends from Cali in May.

    Maybe see you again in South America or Bristol.

    Take care.

    Lou (and Owen)

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