I’ve had an amazing first day in Chefcharouen. I hadn’t seen how beautiful the place was when I arrived because it was dark. The people at the camp site are very friendly, there are two Czech guys who have been traveling around Morocco by skateboard! Makes my journey seem soft!

The Czech skateboard brothers (actually are brothers)

The locals are nice too. There are a load of fellas selling weed that hang around near the where the views of the town were taken. Once it was established that I wasn’t buying, they were quite happy to just talk shit with me. They didn’t speak English but spoke Spanish much better than myself. Check out these pics of the area.

After dropping the bike last night I decided to go for a little ride up the mountain to get some confidence back. The dirt road got pretty steep and I decided not to go all the way to the top in case I have trouble coming back down (sensible eh?) anyway this is a video of me coming back down. I turned the camera on cos I was certain I’d fall off and I could send the video to you’ve been framed. I was in first gear and completely bricking it most of the way (non-UK readers. bricking it = scared).

I was going to head to Fez tomorrow but I might as well just stay here for another day cos its so nice and I can get further used to the Moroccan way of life (meaning get stoned, no only kidding!)

I didn’t make it to Fez today. I realised that the bike was over a thousand miles overdue for an oil change so I rode into town and found a local garage. I really should have done this before I left the UK so that I knew what  I was doing but it went okay. The Moroccans in the garage where very helpful but mostly just left me too it. As I was riding off some guy was shouting at me. I stopped fearing that oil would be pissing out from somewhere, but no. He just wanted to sell me some weed! I spent the rest of the day sorting out my bags and played guitar in the sun (glad I brought it). I was chatting to a Spanish guy who knows the area well. He recommended so many places to see on my route that I may not be getting to Mauritania for another couple of weeks!

4 thoughts on “Chefcharouen

  1. Andrew, although I worry daily I’m so, so proud of you and your acheivements so far., take care son, love you, miss you. xxxxx

  2. Hi andrew, sounds and looks absolutely fab, well at last you can see why people want to do this tripping round the world makes me want to jump on a plane and hire a bike to join you ,reading you blog with envy, how is your tent holding up and is you gear satisfactory. take care mate.

  3. Again your latest travel log makes me very envious, well done for making it to Africa, looking forward to seeing the next installment… take care

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